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How We Approach Fitness

To us physical fitness is the ability to carryout daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and to meet unforeseen emergencies. Put easier we want our workouts at Green Door Fitness to be challenging and harder than anything you have in your daily life. So when life happens you are ready! That creates a sense of ease and enjoyment when you are playing with your family, walking the dog, or when tragedy strikes and you need to run for help. We want you to be prepared for anything, which means being Green Door Fit!

Why choose us

  • Fun and professional trainers
  •  We live and breathe fitness
  •  Green Door Fitness is certified green!
  •  Awesome equipment
  •  Personalized and personable training
  •  Being here is awesome

Green Door Services

We provide personal training without an appointment for every member!
Not your typical rest and recovery, this is ride and row class with Matt. We do intervals on both the bike and the rower for a one of a kind experience!
We offer sports, therapeutic, or a nice relaxing massage in a serene environment.
From a basic class to the lead up to a rowing competition, we will take you to a new level on our ergs!
Super Spin, Spin to Win, and Rhythmic Riding all different classes with great instructors! Find your favorite or try them all!

Our Equipment

What Our Members are Saying...

Paul K.
I love working out at Green Door Fitness with Matt and the Crew. You get access to a personal trainer each time to help you with a workout plan. They push you, but don't kill you. And best of all, the more you go the more friends you have.
Alvin C.
Matt and his team are fantastic. If you are looking for a small boutique gym with a great vibe this is the place to come. They have certified trainers that guide you through every workout. They also do some great work in the community! Keep up the good work Matt!!!
Matthew R.
All you have to do is get there. Such a great workout experience, great community, great energy, great everything. Love the concept and the trainers - results oriented people who are super cool.